“I am honored to receive the endorsement from United Action for Idaho, an organization that is as dedicated as I am to lifting up the voices of all Idahoans,” said Jordan. “I am committed to the People’s Action platform and honored to receive endorsement from a powerful national people’s network committed to realizing justice for all people and to building a democracy that leaves no one behind, no one out.” – Paulette Jordan

"I stand for hard-working Idahoans, our issues and our values, and am honored to be endorsed by United Action for Idaho, a vast, non-partisan, grassroots network fighting for a better Idaho!" -  Kristin Collum

"This endorsement is energizing! I am running to make Idaho a place where everyone––not just those w

"This endorsement is energizing! I am running to make Idaho a place where everyone––not just those with deep pockets or political connections––can prosper. Proof that so many voters care about that too just adds fuel to my fire! Thank you United Action for Idaho and RiseUp, Idaho!”

“I am extremely honored and so very grateful for this MOST important Endorsement. Please know that I pledge to follow through on all of my answers to the questionnaire. I fully expect UAI to hold me to this pledge, and I am honored to uphold my part for the citizens in my community if so elected.” - Candidate Chris Ho, District 13 Seat B



This is not a list of policies the establishment says we can win, but what the people of Idaho and this country must win! This platform was created by Idahoans across Idaho in an 18 month process of vetting it in communities where people live and struggle.

Together, we are creating a movement made up of ordinary Idahoans who are dedicated to working hard to make sure elected officials actually represent us – and determined to elect those who have committed to working with us in the future and making real improvements in people’s lives.

  • Healthcare for ALL: Medicaid Expansion, Medicare, Social Security
  • Fully Funding Public Education
  • Accessible Higher Education
  • Gun Sense; Community and School Safety
  • A Caring Economy; People before Profits
  • Mass Liberation & Rebuilding Our Communities
  • A Just Immigration System
  • Public Lands in Public Hands
  • Housing Justice
  • Restoring and Preserving Local Control 
  • Gender and Racial Equity
  • Native Sovereignty
  • Government Transparency
  • Special Interest Money Out of Idaho Politics
  • Accountability from Elected Officials
  • True Democracy

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