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Moving from protest to power


Working today to change tomorrow!


  • United Action for Idaho (UAI) a 501C4 was formed in 1995 by underrepresented Idahoans who advocate as a unified group to address economic, social, and environmental injustice; advance policies; and build collective people power to produce real change. 

  • United Vision for Idaho (UVI) a 501 C3 is the only progressive coalition, made up of 25 statewide organizations and thousands of individuals committed to uniting people across all divides in a movement of systemic change. 

When education, civic and direct action come together, we can shift the balance of power and win real improves in people’s lives. We believe in grassroots leadership and strategic community organizing as the vehicle for social change led by people directly affected by inequality. This year our work will be critical for rewriting the political story for Idaho. 

Engaging constituencies through the holistic relational organizing is fundamental to United Action for Idaho, together we can change not just the future for our state, but the entire country. 

This is not a left-wing period, it’s not a right-wing period. It is a turbulent, volatile, scary period for every single person from the top to the bottom and what people want is a movement that doesn't just critique the status quo, critique the white house, critique somebody else’s vote. What people want is a movement to inspire, to show and demonstrate that there is a better way to be.

The Good News is that our government and institutions are the creation of people, and people working together have the power to remake them. Our work is to create intentional communities that represent the spectrum of our diversity that work together to break down the barriers that divide us, deepen our understanding of one another and realize that in fact our lives, all of them are inextricably linked and our futures bound together.

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If you are interested in a populist campaign based on: 

  • The values and issues of people across Idaho

  • Holding elected officials and all those seeking office to our platform, not that of a political party

  • Working together to create the change that makes real improvements in people's lives now and for generations to come


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